SH-WH-25/Inoxpa Pump Seal
Model No: SH-WH-25
Stationary Ring: Q2/V/Q1/U
Rotary Ring: A/B/Q1/Q2/U2
Secondary Seal: B/E/K/N/P/S/V/M
Spring and Metal Parts: F/G/M
Shaft size: As request
Equivalent with Inoxpa WH seal
All range of mechanical seal for Inoxpa series pumps ,
Including , DIN -Food pump , Single seal , Flushed seal and Double seal ,  Shaft size:51mm and 58mm.  Double seal ,53/60mm
Mechanical seal for Hyginox SE pumps, SE-15/20/26/28/35/36. Shaft size:25mm
Mechanical seal for Inoxpa Prolac pumps ,  S-15,S-20, S-26, S-28, S-35,S-38, S-70, S-80, Shaft size , 5/8 inch , 1 inch , 1.5 inch
Mechanical seal for INOXPA PROLAC Pumps & SLR Pumps. SLR-1/SLR-2/SLR-3/SLR-4/SLR-5 .Shaft size:28mm, 35mm, 50mm,65mm
Mechanical seals for Inoxpa Prolac HCP Pumps HCP40/HCP50/HCP65/HCP80. Shaft size :25mm and 35mm
Mechanical seals for HLR Rotary Lobe pump , HLR0/HLR1/HLR2/HLR3/HLR4
Mechanical seals for Progressive Cavity Pump , Kiber KS/KST.  KS-20,KS25/30, KS40/50, KS60/80.
Mechanical seals for Inoxpa RF Pumps.  RF-02/20,RF05/25,RF-10/40,RF20/50,RF-30/65.
Mechanical seals for Inoxpa Blender 226/440.  Shaft size:1 inch and 1.5 inch .
Mechanical seals for Inoxpa Cr series pumps  CR 65/CR80/CR100/CR125
Mechanical seal for IN-LINE mixer seal , ME4125/4130/4101/4103/4110/
Mechanical seal for Inoxpa Jet Mix seal ,
Mechanical seals for Inoxpa LR/LM Agitators . Shaft size :40/50/60mm
Mechanical seals for Inoxpa Tank bottom Mixer series 6103/6105/6110/6125/6130/    Shaft size:28mm/32mm/50mm
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